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Ascension Assistant has been crafted just for you, the spiritual entrepreneur with a thriving business who wants to dedicate more time to serving their clients. Trust me, I get it! Before I automated my business and went on-demand, I spent a lot of hours working the back office. It made me feel depleted, and honestly, a bit cranky. That’s no way to start a client session!

As your Virtual Assistant, I help you with the “have to do” list, so you can focus on all the things you want to do.

Web Design

Looking to take your website to the next level? I love refreshing your site to fit the next chapter of your business with light branding updates, getting faster load times, and setting you up with automation and sales tools to help you grow. Need help with WooCommerce, Stripe or PayPal? I got you!

Print Media

Does your fountain of wisdom know no bounds? Let's put that inner content machine to good use and create PDFs that will help raise the collective consciousness, all while bringing more revenue into your business. Create protected content to serve your niche and builds your audience.

Social Media

Are you having a hard time finding a rhythm with social media? The key is to not overthink it! I create easy to edit image templates for you to follow so that you can converse with your audience without the stress. Plus, I'll help you convert your content into blog posts which are indexed by Google.

Hi, I'm Jessica!

You may know me as a Cat Communicator or Energy Healer, but guess what! I wear many hats. Not only am I passionate about the wellbeing of cats, I love assisting female based spiritual and holistic brands ascend into the next chapter of their business. 

With a background in Business Management, Marketing, Web Design, Accounting, and Retail Best Practices; I thrive in the sweet spot between holding space for the big picture of your business and taking care of tasks that will get you there. How can my virtual assistant skills help your business ascend?

Virtual Assistant

As Dolly Levi would say...

Virtual Assistant

Just leave everything to me

How can I assist?

I offer easy and straightforward virtual assisant plans, either by the hour or monthly. 


$ 45
Per Hour
  • Best for specific projects, and as needed launches
  • A 15 minute brain storming session
  • Includes Trello board, planning call and daily check-ins during project
  • Available for chat Monday-Thursday 11am-5pm EST


$ 400
Per Month
  • Perfect for light routine tasks
  • A 30 Minute Brainstorm Session
  • Includes Trello board, planning call and check-ins
  • Available Monday-Thursday, 11am - 5pm EST


$ 700
Per Month
  • Perfect for more involved routine tasks
  • A 45 minute brainstorm session
  • Includes Trello board, planning call and check-ins
  • Available Monday-Thursday, 11am - 5pm EST

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