Ora-cat-cle Reading from your Cat

When you think of who knows you best, would you put your cat on that list? You should. They see you at your highs and your lows. With cats, their divine connection to Source and the Universe allows them to see the truth beyond the veils. They have a keen ability to cut through the noise and tell you exactly what you need (or don’t want) to hear.

With Ora-cat-cle Readings, I pull 7-10 cards that your cat guides me to. From there, I channel messages from them regarding what they want you to know. The readings are not live, but they are done via video and will be sent to you within 2-4 business days of purchase. With these readings, nothing is off the table.  If there is something, in particular, you’d like to have answered, please ask your question within the note section of check out.

  • Payment is collected prior to service
  • You’ll receive your video within 2-4 business days of purchase. If any delay, you’ll be notified in advance.
  • Payment plans not available for this service.