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*If you are booking for more than one cat, please contact me directly for a consult prior


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*If you are booking for more than one cat, please contact me directly for a consult prior

what is your cat trying to show you?

NEW - Energy Shifting Sequence Bundles

Energy shifting sequences are the Future of Feline Ascension

Energy Shifting Sequence allows for much more energy to be transitioned than a traditional manual session because it’s continually running for an extended period. A manual session falls within a prescribed amount of time, whereas programs can run all day. More so, these affordable packages allow cats (and clients) to receive energy shifting with the bigger picture in mind at a lesser cost per session than my other offerings.

In the past, clients bring their cat to me, requesting a particular issue be addressed, and I’m limited within the session. With ESS, more can be illuminated, resulting in more harmony within your pet, yourself, and family. There are many moving parts in my experience regarding your feline’s emotional, physical, and mental health. Energy Shifting Sequence ensures the moving parts are addressed and neutralized since energy can become entangled when sharing a space. Energy is transmuted more deeply, efficiently and offers more gentle processing. 

I firmly believe that Energy Shifting Sequences are in the best interest of your feline and family since everyone benefits from the energy shift, resulting in energetic and spiritual ascension for all. 

  • 5 Sessions
I feel so blessed to have found Jessica and her wonderful feline ascension energy work. I hired Jessica through her Energy Shifting Sequences to help with some inappropriate pooping issues we were experiencing with our two Maine Coon cats. She had great practical advice and insight on how to help our two kitties. But little did I realize how powerful the energy clearing and shifts would be. Her clearing sessions helped tremendously to bring clarity to the issues going on not only with our cats, but our entire family unit. There was a lot going on in our household during the course of our 5 healing sessions. I believe Jessica really helped us move through the energies with which we were dealing, with more ease and grace than we would have otherwise. She was so spot on perceptive with her work that I was simply very, very impressed. Jessica's work comes with my highest recommendations. Thank you, Jessica!
Shannan R.
Energy Shifting Client
Jessica literally gave us our sweet cat back! Lyla was traumatised by a surgery and seemed downright pissed off at me about it as well. I found Jessica through a post she shared on the Emotion Code Practitioner Facebook page and used her technique to question Lyla's subconscious about the alignment to the name I gave her when she adopted us, because nothing I was doing was helping! As it turns out she didn't like the name! Using my intuition, I changed her name to Patches and that made some headway in reconciling with her, but she was still not the kitty she was before the surgery. When she offered the ESS packages, I knew I had to get Jessica involved in our healing. Patches is so much better, she head boops me all the time and even sits on my lap again, she's not really attached to any name so now she's Patches or Good Girl! Jessica actually worked on our whole family to strengthen our bond with all three cats, myself and my husband and the energy shift has been amazing!
Julane S.
Energy Shifting Client

cats are our teachers.

Do you often feel helpless when you know your cat is suffering? Or, do you ever ask yourself the question “Why does my cat do that?” All of my life, I have felt deeply connected to cats and wished for a way to connect with them on a more meaningful, nurturing level. As the epitome of a “Cat Mom,” I firmly believe we can take care of our fur-babies, like we would our own flesh and blood. Feline Frequency allows you to do just that. 

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