Feline Vibrations

It is believed that cats became domesticated roughly 12,000 years ago to assist humans in setting up house. Cats were viewed as useful because they would protect the families’ crops, while canines were sent out to hunt. As a reward for their pest control, felines were given special privileges in the home, leading to their domestication.

All cats come from the star system of Orion, known for wisdom and enlightenment. Because of this, they are highly intuitive and psychic. Cats are tuned into their owner’s energy at all times and offer guidance when needed. The owner who is tuned in will find abundance flowing into their lives when aligned with their feline. When the owner and cat are not on the same frequency, it can cause miscommunication and distrust in the relationship.

Think in terms of cats during Egyptian times, when they were respected and revered. Humanity evolved, and consciousness was expanding. However, during the Middle Ages, a shift happened where the knowledge of humans began to shrink, and fear ran rampant. The cat’s pedestal shattered when they associated with witchcraft and, thus, demonized.

In our current timeline, we often find cats take time to warm up to us. Could it be based on how poorly treated they were in the past? People with secure connections to felines have likely lived a positive past life with them, as opposed to those who have disdain for cats.

Are you aligned with your feline?

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NEW - Energy Shifting Sequence

Energy shifting sequences are the Future of Feline Ascension

Energy Shifting Sequence allows for much more energy to be transitioned than a traditional manual session because it’s continually running for an extended period. A manual session falls within a prescribed amount of time, whereas programs can run all day. More so, these affordable packages allow cats (and clients) to receive energy shifting with the bigger picture in mind at a lesser cost per session than my other offerings. In the past, clients bring their cat to me, requesting a particular issue be addressed, and I’m limited within the session. With ESS, more can be illuminated, resulting in more harmony within your pet, yourself, and family. There are many moving parts in my experience regarding your feline’s emotional, physical, and mental health. Energy Shifting Sequence ensures the moving parts are addressed and neutralized since energy can become entangled when sharing a space. Energy is transmuted more deeply, efficiently and offers more gentle processing. I firmly believe that Energy Shifting Sequences are in the best interest of your feline and family since everyone benefits from the energy shift, resulting in energetic and spiritual ascension for all. 

It's time to give cats a voice.

Do you often feel helpless when you know your cat is suffering? Or, do you ever ask yourself the question “Why does my cat do that?” All of my life, I have felt deeply connected to cats and wished for a way to connect with them on a more meaningful, nurturing level. As the epitome of a “Cat Mom,” I firmly believe we can take care of our fur-babies, like we would our own flesh and blood. Feline Frequency allows you to do just that. 

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