In 2018, I filed for Disability.

Yes, you read that right.

In June of 2018, I had given up on myself.

Between 10 years worth of Chronic Migraines, and the unexpected passing of my familiar, Nokomis, I had no fight left in me.

I was ready to throw in the towel and accept that I was going to spend the rest of my years in pain and without a purpose.

The universe had another plan for me and denied my disability application twice. It was then that I threw all caution to the wind and tried Energy Healing, because I was out of ideas and to be honest…hope.

Nokomis and I, May 2017

Becoming a Cat Communicator

It took four months but finally, I woke up one day to realize that I hadn’t had a migraine in a few days. Those few days turned into weeks, and then months and here we are.

Having a continuous strand of issue-free days gave me time to connect with myself, who I am, and my purpose. It became apparent the driving force in my life is the desire to help people, the same way I had been helped. Over the last two years, that desire has evolved more and more. Clients would come to me asking for help with their Felines, and somehow, I ended up building a clientele of cats. That, coupled with messages from Source and my champion in Nokomis, it became very clear that I was to act as a bridge between humans and cats. 

Now, as a practitioner of the Emotion Code, Body Code, and Reiki, I am dedicated to working with cats to raise their wellbeing, frequency, and give them the best life, possible.

Emotion Code Practitioner
Body Code Practitioner

Why Feline Ascension?

I’ve always had a powerful connection with felines. I’ve never met a cat that I haven’t given a piece of my heart. To me, they represent many of the layers that make us human. Their intelligence, agility, perception, curiosity, and strength are not unlike our own. With all of their wisdom comes great sacrifice on their end, as they absorb the negative energies they feel humans cannot handle. Now, my goal is to balance the energetic scales between cats and humans. It has become very clear that my purpose in life is to serve them, and facilitate their ascension – so they break free from our energies.

Goddess Sekhmet and Bastet, two of my Spirit Guides, allow me to connect to cats so that I can give them a voice. In doing so, I can release emotional blockages that may be causing them discomfort, or relay information they'd like their owner to know. I feel that by meeting the needs of cats, we are giving them the respect they deserve. There was a reason the Egyptians revered felines! Now is the time to put these highly intuitive beings back on a pedestal.

Nokomis and I

Without a doubt, Nokomis was sent to me to be my teacher, and a healer in her own right. Whenever I was at my lowest, in pain, she was right by my side, or literally on top of me. Nokomis was my rock for the few years she walked on this earth.

After she passed, I simply couldn’t function. I was lost, hurt, angry, and grief stricken. After the initial shock, and trauma of her passing, I delved into spirituality to make sense of it all.

It was during that time that I discovered that Nokomis made a soul contract to be my champion, and sacrificed herself so that I could find out who I am, and my purpose.

Every cat that I get to serve is because of the love Nokomis had for me, and her wisdom in recognizing that more needed to be done for the feline community. The end of her life, was truly, the rebirth of mine. And that’s something I am forever grateful for. 

My Mission as a Cat communicator + WAYSHOWER

How Can I Help Your Cat?