31 Days to Emotional Rebirth is a guided journal experience that gives you full control over your emotional healing. You are taught how to connect to the subconscious mind and learn what emotional blockages you suffer from, and how they affect your everyday life. This powerful journal contains custom release phrases, positive affirmations, and clear step-by-step instructions that can guide both novices or evolved souls.

In the guided journal experience, you'll find...

Emotional blockages act like inflammation in the body

Say Goodbye to Negative Beliefs Self Sabotage Low Self Esteem

In 31 days, you’ll undergo a complete transformation with this 100 page guided journal experience.

Included in 31 Days to Emotional Rebirth

An Eye Opening Experience!


I didn’t know much about energy healing before this journal, but Jessica has a way of simplifying the complex practice that makes it not only digestible but completely natural to understand. She approaches it with a sense of warmth and realness that makes you feel like you’re being guided by a friend and trust that what she’s teaching you will actually work — because it does. If you’re new to the concept of emotional blockages, this is the perfect companion with which to begin your journey to true inner peace.
— Lindsay Elizabeth, Author and Life Coach

31 Days to Emotional Rebirth


A completely editable high definition PDF perfect for journaling. Type your thoughts right into the document and hit save!

Note: Compatible with any device that can open a PDF file.