How to Communicate with Cats

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Watch video for full commentary.

In this video, we discuss how you can communicate with your cat using:

  • Oracle and Tarot Cards
  • A pendulum
  • Muscle Testing
  • Clairsenses
  • Intuition

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed veterinarian or medical professional. My experience comes from an energetic and psychic standpoint, from what cats communicate to me and from research.


Jessica J. Evans

Jessica J. Evans

Cat Whisperer and Energy Healer, with a love of Disney and french fries. Psychic by day, cheesy Hallmark Channel Movie binge watcher by night.

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Jessica J. Evans

Jessica J. Evans

I’m an Energy Shifter and Psychic who specializes in cat communication and bridging the energy between feline + owner.

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Feline Energy Healing

An Energy Healer and Psychic who specializes in Cat Communication and Quantum Field Energy Shifting to bridge the gap between cat and owner.


Always wanted to talk to your cat? Check out my step by step guides!

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