Channeled Message from the Feline Council on Grief and our Inner World

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Feline Council Channeled Message

The message below was channeled on May 10th, 2021 from the Feline Council. The message covers grief after a cat passes, how the Feline Council operates, and their mission for the cats in our lives. 

There are a few reasons why cats pass away. With love comes grief. There’s a balance to that. There’s a beauty in that. The time that cats spend here on this earth is marked. They know going in that their time is limited. And to make the most of it. That is why you’ll find their behavior is often erratic; you’ll find that their behavior is often not “good” as people would suggest. The cats are often to act out, express their disdain. They will express their distress by acting out, swatting at things, not using the litter box, throwing up – just a behavior that is not “good behavior” of a cat. They are acting out this to show their humans the things that need to be done for the human. Cats are here, not only to exist but to help. They are here to illuminate. They are here to facilitate change within humans. They are here to mirror. They are here to show people things in their life that are in lack and limitation. They are here to show where there is not love in a person’s life. They are here to show where change can be made.

And when a cat passes away, when it’s very unexpected, or whether it is a long passing – oftentimes that is a mark of that knowledge being completed. Or it is a mark of that knowledge being lost on the human. If you feel that your cats passing is very unexpected and tragic – it is likely because the messages are not being heard. And that may sound harsh, but we are in a position now where we are trying to move this change along. We are in a position where we are trying to desperately create harmony within the animal kingdom, and we simply cannot mess around.

Cats come in this very specific form. So they are loved, and they are trusted, and they are brought into a home and brought into a loving space. If cats looked any differently, humans simply would not love them. Humans simply would not pay attention to them. So we put them – we are in this physical form chosen specifically to garnish the love and affection of humans so that you pay attention. And right now, people are just not paying attention. In this time that you are currently in, there are so much chaos and hectic energy. And people are focusing so much on their own things, not even their internal world; they’re still focusing so much on their external world that they’re missing the things internally within them. Sometimes, we have to snap our fingers and take something away to trigger you and bring you back to center. Bring you back to your internal world. And unfortunately, that is the loss of your pet, the loss of your loved one in that cat form. However, this is something the cat knows – they make that agreement, they know what it is, they know that possibility is there. This is something that is agreed upon. This is something that they understand going in whenever a cat is assigned to a human. They know that this is the possibility. They create that contract with us. This is the game that we play.

Again, you may feel this is harsh, and for that, we do apologize, but we are change makers; we are wayshowers. We are here to show you the way. People have gone so far away from what their true purpose is, from their true self. There is a disconnect. There is a huge distance, and so we, the Feline Council and the collective of cats as we know it. We are here to bridge that. We are here to create that connection again. Again, we say we pick this form for a reason. We are trusted. We are beloved.

You put your emotions in us; you put your faith in us. You give us your love and your affection, and yet you do not do the same for yourself. If you can love cats as much as you love yourself, and if you can love yourself as much as you love cats – imagine what the world could do. Imagine how that energy would be translated to others. Imagine, imagine what that could look like. And so, if you can feel that deep grief for the loss of a cat, imagine that deep love you could feel for yourself. We are trying to help you acknowledge the depths of who you are in and the depths of how you feel.

With great sadness comes great joy, and with great joy comes all; becomes all things, all things that are attainable, all of your deepest desires, dreams, manifestations, everything is all there for you. You just have to have that deep love. And if you can feel that deep grief, you can feel that deep love. It is a lesson unto itself. And we are sorry that it makes you hurt, and we are sorry that it makes you feel things that you don’t want to feel. You need to feel those things. You cannot avoid them. You cannot ignore them. We simply cannot allow you to continue ignoring them. The issue – the greater issue is becoming too big. It is becoming too big. We need you to focus on the internal; the external is out of control. It is out of your control. You need to focus on the internal. Your cat is a messenger. Your cat is a teacher. They are trying to show you. They are trying to show you what you need to know. They are trying to show you what you need to do. And they are trying to show you in all of the ways that you can love, in all of the ways you can be divine.

This is the time. This is the time and the place to do the work. The time is now. There is no more procrastination. There is nothing more important than doing the inner work. There is nothing more important than bringing light and joy into your life. There is nothing more important. Nothing. We understand that you are getting bogged down by the ways of the world and the realities of your world. However, those realities can easily shift if all of us, everyone on your planet – and as I say us, we’re talking about the vessel that we’re talking through right now if all of us are putting our energy into focusing on joy and just living and living our life and not getting bogged down by all of the negativity, if we simply live to live, then everything would fall into place.

The bodies that you’re in, these human bodies, the soul that you have, it is meant to experience joy in all that is around you—experience pure joy and just fun. If you are living this life, and you are not having fun, you are not living, and you are putting that energy, that negativity back into the external world. And it is becoming a snowball effect in all of the people around you. That one negative thought that you project out because you’re not having fun, you are not living a limitless existence – that one thought will become two negative thoughts, three negative thoughts, four negative thoughts. And then it starts snowballing to everyone around you, and imagine the chaos that that creates. But if you were just to be aware of your 1,2,3, 4, negative thoughts that you have in saying “No, I do not accept that as my reality” or “No, that is not how I am going to live.” You become in control of that thought, then all of a sudden, now you’re changing the reality, one thought at a time.

If you’re looking at your cat, and you say – you think to yourself, “Wow, my cat is drinking a lot of water,” And in your rational mind, you think, “Maybe there’s something wrong physically with that cat. Maybe that cat has diabetes.” Maybe the cat does. However, if you look and watch your cat’s behavior, and instead of thinking, “What’s wrong with my cat?” you say to yourself, “What’s wrong with me?” And we don’t mean wrong as a bad thing. We’re just turning it around so that you understand the line of questioning that you think about for your cat and how that works for yourself. So you can think to yourself, “Hmm, that cat is thirsty. Why is that? Why is that cat thirsty? What of this that I’m seeing could be somehow representative of me. What am I doing that could be making this cat thirsty? Could it be the fact that I am screaming about all the things in my life that I’m not happy about? But yet, not making the changes? Is my throat so raw from all of my proclamations of things that I feel I cannot change? That it’s making me thirsty? Is there something going on with my throat chakra? Is there something that I am not doing or saying?”

All because your cat is thirsty. The way they reflect back to you is limitless. The things that they show you are limitless. You just have to look and watch your cat’s behavior and simply ask, “how could that be reflecting me right now? What is my cat trying to show me? What is my cat trying to teach me?” And the longer you go without asking those questions, and the longer you go ignoring them, the deeper meaning of your cat’s behaviors, well, eventually we’re going to assume that you just don’t care about your internal world. We’re going to assume that you are just not going to wake up. And so then we have to jar you. We have to make you wake up. The person that is talking through us right now, the person that is talking for us right now. You know her as Jessica, you know her as Feline Ascension, she has talked about her cat Nokomis in the past.

We had to take her away from Jessica; we had to do it. Because this person was meant to be the bridge between human and feline, and this person was simply not getting it. She was becoming so far removed from her purpose. She was becoming so far removed from the ultimate goal that we had to take Nokomis from her to wake her up and wake her up it did. Did she take it? Well? No, she didn’t. But she rose above it and realize that there is a greater joy on the other side. And that is the joy that she is living right now by spreading and saying these messages from us, but we had to get her there. So it’s all about how you take that grief and turn it into joy.

Some are not going to approve of our actions. And we understand that. We might be considered a little too radical, and we understand that. But we feel it is up to us to bridge – to be a bridge, to be a beacon of light. And sometimes to be that beacon of light. We need to force a little darkness.

It can be said that there’s a lot of pressure and when a cat passes, and if you think to yourself, “How did this passing reflect back to me? How did this passing show me how I’m not doing the work?” That could be a lot of pressure on a person. This is something that Jessica has often felt where now she feels like she has to do this work. So that Nokomis’ passing was not in vain. And we understand the immense pressure of that. We understand how that can feel and how that can seem. However, the truth of the matter is, every single person on this planet who has a cat is meant for more in their life and needs to just stay the course and stay inward. Look inward; it starts with you. It starts with you. And that is all there is to it.

Your cats are never far away; they are never fully gone. They are never fully gone. They may have crossed over, but they can be many places at once. Their spirit, their consciousness can be anywhere and everywhere. If Jessica wanted to right now, she could channel Nokomis. However, she does not because she knows that Nokomis is on another mission. She is on another path and helping someone else to be brought to attention. She is helping somebody else find their purpose. She is there loving and mirroring somebody else and lets her do that. But she knows she could call down to her and get parts of her wisdom and get access to her wisdom at any time.

And ultimately, so can all of you. They’re always there, even when they’ve crossed over. You can call down to them. Their consciousness is powerful. Their wisdom is powerful. Their knowledge is everywhere. Just because they’re gone from the physical world, it does not mean they are fully gone. Not all hope is lost. They are just on their next mission, their next path. Death in cats is not final; it is not finite. Nothing is. Nothing is.

When your cat passes, do not blame yourself, especially after reading, or listening, or wherever you get this information. Do not blame yourself.

I know the way we word it, and I know the message that comes across. It’s like saying that because you didn’t do the inner work or because you didn’t recognize the mirror – that you caused your cat to die. That is not how we need to leave it. That is not how we want to leave it.

Your cat is the embodiment of pure love. And so they’re choosing to sacrifice themselves for you. No one is at fault. They know; they know what is to come. And they know what could happen in order to further your growth. And truth be told, it is them who makes the decision. It is up to them to decide whether or not they feel it is time for them to go. It is up to them to decide whether or not they feel that their passing is going to be the step that gets you to the next place and the next phase in your life. It’s all their control. We’re not looming above them with strings over their head; they are not puppets; they have their free will – as cats that is very important to us, we all have our free will. They are just working under a greater power and a greater understanding of what needs to be done.

So we say to you, do not feel guilt, do not feel shame. Recognize that everything that that cat did for you was out of pure love – out of pure love. And they are just trying to show you the way to your greatness because your greatness is limitless. And it is time for you to break through the limitations of the minds and the limitations that you have created for yourself in this reality.

We cannot make that any more clear. We cannot. We are not going to say that you owe it to your cats to break through the reality that you created for yourself. But we will say, you owe it to yourself. And more so, you owe it to the relationship between you and your cat. Because the moment you break through the limitations of the mind, you will have a much deeper connection with your cat while they are still with you. Because they don’t leave once the job is done, they leave when they are ready. Just because you’ve made that connection and now all of a sudden you are awakened, you understand that you were operating out of the ego, you understand that you were operating out of these limiting beliefs. Just because you understand those things does not mean your cat’s going to be taken away from you. It means that you get to live your life with that cat who has chosen you – in a deep, meaningful harmonious relationship.

Imagine that. Cats are wisdom seekers; cats are travelers; cats have an abundance of knowledge that you can tap into. And imagine being awake and conscious of that and being able to tap into their knowledge and energy. You thought you were limitless before; you’re going to be even more limitless.

Have that relationship with your cat. Have it. Nothing is stopping you but yourself. There are so many opportunities that we give you, and there’ll be more opportunities down the way. More Feline Ascenders, as Jessica calls them, are going to be coming to action.

It is a new generation. It is a new timeline for people and their cats. And it is only going to get bigger and bigger and bigger. And we are so excited to see how all of this transpires. But we need you to pay attention. We need you to look at your cat and ask whenever you notice their behavior being different and say, “What are they trying to show me? What about myself could be projecting the behavior of this cat? What am I doing that is making the cat act that way? What is this cat trying to show me? What are they trying to teach me? How can I look within to bring more peace and comfort to my cat?”

The moment you start doing that, the moment your life begins to change, and that is our message to you from the Feline Council. There’s a love-hate relationship between cats and humans. There are people that love cats. And there are people that hate cats. And we suspect there are going to be people that love our messages and hate our messages. Because we are not here to sugarcoat and placate. We are here with unconditional love. But we are here with a purpose, and we are here with a mission, and that is all.

Disclaimer: I am not a licensed veterinarian or medical professional. My experience comes from an energetic and psychic standpoint, from what cats communicate to me and from research.

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I am not a licensed veterinarian or medical professional. My experience comes from an energetic and psychic standpoint, from what cats communicate to me and from research.

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