How to Help Your Cat Cross Over

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The hard reality of having a cat in your life is knowing that one day – they won’t be there anymore. Time spent with our bonded feline is beyond words, and the loss of them is heartbreaking. I know, first hand, the difficulty of seeing beyond the pain.

Even in death, we have a responsibility to our cats to ensure they have crossed over. Cats who are a familiar to their owners are less likely to cross over, out of protection. They often stay in the “in-between,” to watch over them, and offer whatever assistance they can during the grieving process. The issue, however, is they don’t find always find their way back to Spirit.

In recent weeks, quite a few feline spirits have come to me, looking for assistance to cross over. In my conversation with them, it’s becoming clear they’re hanging back to watch over their owners and make contact with them in small, subtle ways. Once the initial moment of grief begins, the healing process comes in waves. Feeling the cat’s continual presence can often lead to more of an open wound for the owner. Ultimately, it’s best for both if the kitty moves on.

Steps to Help Your Feline Cross Over


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By doing the ritual above, you are giving your cat permission to cross over on their terms. If by chance, you still feel their presence after this ritual, it may be that they need a little extra push. If that’s the case, please feel free to reach out to me, and I’ll be happy to help.

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Learn how to help your cat cross over
Jessica J. Evans

Jessica J. Evans

Cat Whisperer and Energy Healer, with a love of Disney and french fries. Psychic by day, cheesy Hallmark Channel Movie binge watcher by night.

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Jessica J. Evans

Jessica J. Evans

I’m an Energy Shifter and Psychic who specializes in cat communication and bridging the energy between feline + owner.

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