Cats and Soul Contracts with Humans

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In the last week, I’ve had the opportunity to assist four cats cross over. Even though this is something I’ve done in the past in my practice, these last few times have marked a shift in what we have come to know when it comes to felines, soul contracts, and  “the other side.”

One sweet kitty girl in particular, who I am going to refer to as “Delta”, came to me having been in limbo for nearly 6 months. When I asked why that was, I was told it was because she had information to give and couldn’t go home until she spoke her truth. Always on a quest for knowledge, I was happy to receive this information from her.

Delta proceeded to explain that when felines pass on from their physical form on this Earth, they find a home on the star system Lyra, as well as an unnamed planet. When their souls are back to either of those two locations, they regain their physical form, which is what we think of when we envision Feline Starseeds. A feline head, on a human body. They will live in that form, until they are called back to Earth.

Called Back To Earth

Delta explained to me that there are at least two types of soul contracts that felines make. Some are contracted to another soul to be a catalyst for their spiritual awakening (much like my Nokomis), and others are contracted to offer guidance, education, and support (my Leota.)

For Delta, she was contracted to another soul for their Awakening. When I asked whether she completed that task, she told me ‘Yes’. The soul she worked with is awake, but she wasn’t able to convey this information to her prior to her passing. She had been waiting 6 months to have someone listen. I like to think she was waiting for me. 

Now, that Delta has helped her soul contacted human, her contract is complete. This fascinated me! Who was in charge of all of these contracts? I was both surprised, and not surprised at all when Delta told me that the Egyptian Goddess Bastet was at the helm of these feline contracts, but more importantly, residing over the Feline community. 

The idea of the contract being completed sparked more questions, because I began thinking about my girl, Leota. How does her contract work? Delta explained that Leota will stay with me lifetime after lifetime until my soul’s life cycle is complete. She will then move on to another soul in my Monad or Oversoul group, and continue the process over again. Bastet has the power to end the contract whenever she sees fit, which is an important thing to remember.

Stuck In Between

There are at least three known reasons why felines find themselves in between worlds. If they were to pass on in a traumatic way (like attacked by a predatory animal, run over by a car…), if they have untold information, or if they are actively staying in between in order to look over their bonded human. In all three cases, it’s necessary that these cats do find their way home. It’s not healthy for them to stay in limbo, but more so, it keeps them from finishing out their soul’s duty.


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Why this Information Is Important

As cat owners, and spiritual beings, we need to look beyond the world within the world that we see. Yes, I am definitely quoting lyrics by Rhett Miller, who snagged them from a Don DeLillo book. As heartbreaking it is for us to lose a cat, we need to make sure that we are taking care of them even in the afterlife. After a feline in your life passes, tune into your body, and pay attention to any aches and pains you may experience. When a cat comes to me looking to cross over, I get a headache. The moment the head crunchiness starts up, I know to start asking questions to find out why, and what I can do. Tune into yourself. You never know whether that ache or pain is your kitty trying to get your attention one more time.

Wow. What an amazing gift of information Delta has given. We chatted for another few moments and then it became very clear she was ready to move forward. I use a program called Easy Entity Release to call “in limbo” spirits back home. In a blink of an eye, she was gone and it was such a beautiful moment.


Jessica J. Evans

Jessica J. Evans

Cat Whisperer and Energy Healer, with a love of Disney and french fries. Psychic by day, cheesy Hallmark Channel Movie binge watcher by night.

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Jessica J. Evans

Jessica J. Evans

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