Communicate with your Cat using Muscle Testing

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We’ve all had that moment where we wished we could communicate with our cat. Honestly, how could you not want to know what’s going on in their heads? Especially when they are zoomin’ around the house at 3 AM for no apparent reason. Truth is, cats are highly intelligent and are a fountain of wisdom if only we knew how to tap into it.

Not too long ago, I wrote a post about Applied Kinesiology and how to use Muscle Testing to tap into your Higher Self. If you hadn’t had a chance to read it, head on over there now because today’s conversation will build on that.

Let’s say you’re a master at the Sway Test. You’ve been communicating with your Higher Self for a while now, and feeling pretty awesome about it. Great, that’s the foundation you need to connect with your cat.

Getting Started

Make sure you are centered, hydrated, and eliminate distractions. Next, sit with your cat for a while. The trick here is to let them come to you, whether that be in the form of a sniff, a nod to let them know they want to be pet, or they are more forthcoming and just plop right onto you. Whatever way your cat shows to you that they are open, and trusting with you  – let it happen naturally. If they want to sleep, unbothered, honor that and pick another time to try to connect. 

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Establish Connection

Once you’ve established a connection with your cat, lock eyes with them and hold it for a few moments. While you are holding their gaze, think about how much you love your cat. They will sense that, and you may notice a slow blink or nod come from them. When you do, replicate their movement and give them a light nod and slow blink. This is a way to show respect to your cat. You’ll have a good sense of when the connection is made. From there, you can slowly stand up and get into Sway Test position. If you are comfortable muscle testing another way while seated, then continue to sit. Either way, you can muscle test and ask the cat, “Do I have permission to connect to your Higher Self?” You will either sway forward for yes, or backward for no.

If the Answer is Yes...

You can begin asking yes or no questions to your cats Higher Self. One of the most important things to remember, and I cannot stress this enough, is to make sure you are asking questions that SERVE your cat. For instance, you could ask whether they like their food, if they would rather their litter box be scooped out more often, or would like a change in litter? Start with those types of questions in order to build a better foundation for the spiritual relationship of you and your cat.

If the Answer Is No...

When testing, if you get a “No” response when you ask if you can connect, there are many reasons why. It could mean that the cat’s consciousness is not present at that moment, that they aren’t in the mood, they don’t feel safe, or something could be blocking it. If you suspect there is something impeding on your building a more spiritual relationship with your cat, you can reach out to me, and we can discuss having a session to clear anything standing between you and your cat.

Close the Session

Once you’ve completed asking your kitty questions, make sure to thank them for allowing you the opportunity to connect. Then, break the connection by saying “I am disconnecting from their Higher Self, and cutting all open lines of communication until the next session.”


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If this isn’t something you master the first time around, do not be discouraged! Being able to connect with your feline is a skill, and takes time. When it happens though, you’ll be thrilled and feel even closer to your cat. 

Cat Psychic


Cat Psychic
Jessica J. Evans

Jessica J. Evans

Cat Whisperer and Energy Healer, with a love of Disney and french fries. Psychic by day, cheesy Hallmark Channel Movie binge watcher by night.

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Jessica J. Evans

Jessica J. Evans

I’m an Energy Shifter and Psychic who specializes in cat communication and bridging the energy between feline + owner.

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