4 Major Energetic Imbalances Affecting Self-Worth

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Ever feel as though your stream of consciousness has a rivalry with an Insult Comic? Like your self-worth and self-esteem, have become a punchline for Bianca Del Rio? We could blame it on Bianca, but realistically – it’s not the drag queen’s fault. There is a much better chance we’re throwing ourselves over the emotional coals because of something beyond us. 

It’s easy to say, “I feel this way because of this, this, and this.” In every “this,” you’ll list your shortcomings or the things you dislike about yourself the most. In the past, my list would almost seem endless. 

  1. I am too loud.
  2. People think I’m obnoxious.
  3. My nose is awkward.
  4. No one gets my humor or sarcasm.
  5. Why do my knees buckle in?
  6. Clothes don’t fit me right because I’m built like a giant toddler.
  7. Why do I say “So” at the beginning of every sentence?
  8. Yes, I started going gray at 21.
  9. I know, getting acne as an adult is “weird.”
  10. I was going to stop at 9, but I might as well make this an even ten because I’m a little anal about details. 

SO, you get my point. 

Here’s the thing. This constant stream of negativity has nothing to do with you. Yes, you read that right. I’m going to exonerate you of your bad mojo! There are four main reasons why we have the beliefs we do, and I’m going to break them down for you. That way, the next time you’re kicking yourself in the ass, you can think back to this list and ask yourself, “Wait a second. Is this even my doing?”

Alright, let’s take it from the top!

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Energetic Imbalances & Beliefs

Past Life Beliefs

This is truly a doozy. Imagine how many times your soul has been Earthbound, and every day you lived during that experience. There is no telling who you were, what time period you lived in, or what culture you were a part of. For me, I know during the King Arthur period, I was a lady in waiting for a woman who spent her time living in a cave, while summoning demons to spite her husband who cheated on her. Can you even imagine the things I saw? It’s a wonder that I have a husband in this lifetime, considering how many emotional energies of “Hatred of Men” I had to release from myself. Past life emotions repeat on you!

Inherited Beliefs

You know how people say that disease run in the family? Have you ever given any thought to what that means? Inherited emotional blockages complicate our DNA. If you had a great grandmother on your Mom’s side of the family who lived through the Great Depression, there is a good chance her emotions went through the wringer. How could they not? Our ancestors got dealt a bad hand. Let’s say she was incredibly depressed during the time but carried on – met a nice man and had a baby. Those energies of depression never went away, but her circumstances changed, and they weren’t as prominent. They were, however, passed on to the baby. Assuming the baby didn’t grow up interested in Energy Medicine, it’s likely the blockage remained and duplicated with her own life experiences and depression. You can see how this could snowball into something pretty detrimental. One blockage of depression becomes 10, 20, 30….and all rolled into the next child in the family line. Now, you’re at a doctor’s getting diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder II, and you say, “Yes, well…depression runs in the family.”

Absorbed Beliefs

We all have one friend that every time we hang out with them, we are exhausted. Not because we had a-rockin' good time, but simply because they drained us. The friend complained the entire time and refused to see how their words and actions hurt others. You come home and find yourself complaining to your partner about it. Your partner has exciting news, but now, doesn’t want to tell you because you’re in a bad mood, which puts them in a bad mood because they were SO excited. What the hell? Everything was fine before you hung out with your friend! Absorbed energies are to blame. Your friend was putting down a lot of bad energy, and you were quick to pick it up – and then throw it all over your partner or whoever else in your energy field.

Entity Consciousness

Imagine your negative thoughts created a literal monster, like Elsa in Frozen. She was guarding herself so much that she manifested a GIANT SNOW MONSTER to harm those in her energy field. Entity Consciousness is a bit like that. It’s a collection of all of your negative thoughts, and when they come together, they become a powerhouse in trying to hold you back and shut you down. When you feel you are sabotaging yourself, a consciousness program is likely working against you. Even if your outlook has changed over the years, and you feel more positive, you’ll still face negative setbacks until that consciousness is cleared.

Each one of these belief systems can manifest negative thoughts and behaviors. They all formed around specific emotions, which, surprisingly, makes them easier for you to release. How about that? Not only are your emotions not really yours, but you can kick them to the curb and raise your self-esteem in the process. 

While working with clients to release their negative energy, I noticed they all seemed to want homework. They loved the idea of being in control of their healing and be able to raise their self-esteem by taking back their power. Being an huge nerd, and secretly loving homework, I wrote 31 Days to Emotional Rebirth. It’s a guided journal experience featuring the 50 most common emotional blocks. You are taught how to tap into your Subconscious, determine the blocks, and release them. 

It doesn’t matter how you feel spiritually, or if you’ve never tried Energy Healing – you can release any emotional energy that is holding you back. 


Have you ever wanted to communicate with your pet, or determine whether you have a past life connection? Now is your chance! Take the Animal Communication for the Non-Psychic class master a new superpower, and learn tangible ways to communicate with your pets.


I am not a licensed veterinarian or medical professional. My experience comes from an energetic and psychic standpoint, from what cats communicate to me and from research.

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Jessica J. Evans

Jessica J. Evans

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Jessica J. Evans

Jessica J. Evans

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