5 Ways to Tell if You’ve Reincarnated with Your Cat

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We’ve all had a moment in our lives when we’ve locked eyes with an animal, and instantly felt a strong bond and connection. An unspoken understanding and respect for one another that seem to come deep from within the soul, without any cognitive understanding of why. If we look into history regarding animal Familiars, we are taught that animals are brought forth to us in order to assist in magic, finding our purpose in life, and act as a general guide. When we think about Familiars, we may assume the animal (more specifically for this post, cat), has been bestowed upon us by the Gods and specifically chosen. It runs much deeper than that, as certain cats in our lives are completely predestined from past lives before. The bond and connection that I spoke about, is just that – a past life connection where they’ve left an imprint on your soul that could never be forgotten. In your eye contact, what you’re feeling is the reconnection of that soul memory. 

Leota & I

The cats who have been a part of my life over the years have all shared a timeline with me. Most recently, our 11-month-old tortie, Leota, was my daughter in a previous life. She chose to reincarnate into a cat to be with me again, knowing that her soul will never be birthed into human form by me. When she was little, I’d hold her to my chest like an infant, and she would try to latch onto me. At first, I thought, “What the heck. This kitten is a nut job.” But when I made the connection of her being my past life human child in the form of a cat, it all made sense. Nursing to her was natural, regardless of the form she now took. Thankfully, this phase has passed because there is nothing less fun than a kitten trying to bite your nipple. As we’ve continued to bond, she’s been a spiritual gift to me, constantly being aware of my energy and letting me know when there are imbalances I need to clear or messages that I need to hear. She’s an extremely powerful cat, and we work incredibly well together. Our foundation for today’s relationship was built upon our past, which made our connection very strong in a short amount of time.

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5 Ways to Recognize A Past Feline Bond

How the Cat Makes You Feel

There is no denying the feeling you get when you’re in the company of a feline you know on a soul level. Often, at the first meeting, you’ll notice you have goosebumps, an overwhelming urge to cry, butterflies in your stomach, or you’ll feel a twinge in either your Crown or Third Eye Chakra.

Cats Behavior Around You

Our feline friends tend to get a bad reputation because they are more standoffish than dogs are. But, can you blame them? Cats have been getting the short end of the stick a lot in humanity’s history. When a new cat comes into your life, did you notice how forthcoming they were with their love? Feline soul companions warm up to you very quickly, allowing you to pick them up, give them all the rubs, and they’ll even expose their stomach to you which is definitely a sign that they feel safe since that’s a more vulnerable position for them.

Understanding their Language

No two meows are equal! Did you know that cats don’t meow at each other, but use it as a call out to humans when they need something? I have a sneaking suspicion you know exactly what each meow of your cat means. They have a certain pitch or warble for when they want food, attention, clean up on "aisle litter box", when something has spooked them, or for the more spiritual of cats - when you need to address an imbalance within yourself. Each meow has a meaning, and you know every single one of them.

Through the Eyes

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and that is no different for cats. Have you ever noticed your cat lovingly gazing at you when they are relaxed on your lap, and you noticed just a hint of movement in their Iris? Studies have shown that when people are looking at their loved ones, their Iris expands and contracts ever so slightly. Cats do the exact same thing! I know we’re used to cats having their eyes wide when they are scared, and assume that any type of iris dilation is an aspect of fear - but I’m here to tell you that is not always the case. When you see your kitty’s eyes widening just a tad when they look in your direction, it’s pure love. Make sure to give them a slow blink, and tell them you love them in response!

Confirmation Tools

If what I’ve explained above hasn’t confirmed enough for you, there is an amazing way to double-check whether you and your feline friend are soul companions. The first way is through Muscle Testing, which has been the foundation of my souls’ evolution. Call it being psychic when you’re as dense as a concrete slab. Muscle Testing is a means of connecting to your subconscious through physical response. If you’ve never heard of or used Muscle Testing before, check out my post dedicated to it, where it talks all about why and how to use it.


Have you ever wanted to communicate with your pet, or determine whether you have a past life connection? Now is your chance! Take the Animal Communication for the Non-Psychic class master a new superpower, and learn tangible ways to communicate with your pets.

There is so much value in learning more about the relationship you and your cat share from a past life. Not only will this help your own spiritual growth, but it can drastically improve the overall well-being of your feline as well.  Especially if they feel you aren’t tapping into their knowledge bank! If you find that you’re struggling to make a past life connection to your cat, book a Cat Communication session with me, where I can translate the messages from your cat. 


I am not a licensed veterinarian or medical professional. My experience comes from an energetic and psychic standpoint, from what cats communicate to me and from research.

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Jessica J. Evans

Jessica J. Evans

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Jessica J. Evans

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