Learn to Muscle Test in 3 Easy Steps

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Muscle Testing is a form of Applied Kinesiology that allows you to experience a physical response when you ask questions to the Subconscious mind. Essentially, it’s the best way to be a psychic when you’re as dense as concrete, which, I am or when you’re new to connecting to your higher self. There are many types of different methods for Muscle Testing, but I’m going to focus on the simple Sway Test because it’s one of the more straight forward to learn in the beginning.

Why It's Important

The average person makes 35,000 conscious decisions every day. Rather than suffer from question fatigue, wouldn’t it be nice to put the questions out into the universe and actually get a response back? That’s what Muscle Testing can do for you. It eliminates the “what if” factor, and allows you to communicate with the all-knowing supercomputer in your head, waiting to be tapped into. Standing at the grocery store and have no idea what ingredients to avoid? Muscle Test! Overwhelmed with all the choices for facial moisturizer while roaming Sephora? Muscle Test to find out what’s going to hydrate you without breaking you out! If you’ve got a question, there is a good chance your subconscious has an answer. No more decision remorse, here! 

When opening yourself to spirituality and healing, you can easily go on information overload. The number of resources at our disposal are innumerable, and honestly – it’s overwhelming. Using Muscle Testing allows you to cut through the noise and address the things that are pertinent to your needs at that given time. I’ll use Muscle Testing to determine which book is for my highest truth and good, which video to watch on a topic on YouTube, and even deck Oracle Deck is best suited for a certain reading. The ways to use Muscle Testing is endless. 


Animal Communication for the Non-Psychic is a fast paced course teaching the foundations of Muscle Testing and how to use a Pendulum. Take that super power and use it to connect and communicate with your pet!

How To Muscle Test

Stand a foot width apart with your arms at your side. Check your posture and avoid slouching to make sure your energy is moving through your chakras evenly.

When in position and relaxed, say out loud or to yourself, “My name is ________” with your name included. Notice how your body sways forward because this is a true statement.

Now say, “My name is _______” and use a name that is not your own.

Your body will naturally sway backward because it is a false statement.

 I recommend practicing for at least two days using either true/false statements said in the present tense or asking yes/no questions to make sure you have a proper baseline. Here are some sample questions to get you started:

 “My car is blue.”

“I am allergic to eggs.”

“Do I have 3 cats?” 

If you find that you’re having difficulty getting proper answers, it may be because you are not grounded or hydrated. You can simply ask “Am I grounded?” and “Am I hydrated?” If those do not apply, there may be specific energies or beliefs blocking you. If that’s the case, use a form of divination (like a pendulum), intuition, or a Clair sense to identify the blockage, clear it, and practice swaying again. 

Muscle Testing does take practice and a lot of trust that your subconscious is leading you in the direction of your highest good. Some quick pointers, if you feel you may be swaying your response; is to ask if you’re testing with neutrality, or you can ask three times and see if you yield the same response. If the response is different for each time you ask, it’s likely you aren’t being neutral, or you’re being blocked from the truthful response. Don’t worry, you’ll learn the nuances over time – but once you feel you have control of Muscle Testing, it’s going to completely open up a whole new world for you!


3 Steps to Learn Muscle Testing


I am not a licensed veterinarian or medical professional. My experience comes from an energetic and psychic standpoint, from what cats communicate to me and from research.

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Jessica J. Evans

Jessica J. Evans

Cat Whisperer and Energy Healer, with a love of Disney and french fries. Psychic by day, cheesy Hallmark Channel Movie binge watcher by night.

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Jessica J. Evans

Jessica J. Evans

I’m an Energy Shifter and Psychic who specializes in cat communication and bridging the energy between feline + owner.

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