The mission:

To give cats a voice and act as a translator for their needs, and raise the collective feline consciousness. I assist cat owners in matching the vibration of their cat, provide insight on a cat’s behavior, and shifting energies and acknowledging karmic imbalances that affect the overall well-being of the cat.

The reason:

Cats are very psychic, empathic, intuitive and magical beings that we often take for granted. Sometimes, it’s hard to look past their fuzzy cute exterior and remember that they hold wisdom, and act as a sponge for their owner’s energies and emotions. Energetically, cats protect us just as much as we protect them physically.

The fulfillment:

By offering different energy shifting sessions that focuses on the cat, energies shared between cat and owner, and energies within the home negatively affecting the cat. Soon, classes will be available to teach owners the best way to help their cats energetically, as well as an energy healing program dedicated to cats.

Are you new to Feline Energy Shifting?

Want to work with your animal, but don't know where to begin? Check out my free resources offering guidance on best practices on how you can communicate with your cat, and work to shift their energy and yours to create more harmony.
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Feline Ascension

Hi, I'm Jessica.

Ever since I was a child, I held cats in the highest regard. There always seemed to be a gravitational pull between felines and myself, whether they are strays, family cats, and most importantly – familiars. When I began training as an energy shifter, it became abundantly clear that my gifts were most powerful when connected to felines. Overtime, my connection grew even stronger and uncovered the path that I am on, today.

Energy Insights